Which destination was your favorite and why? What about that destination was distinctly “Pittsburgh” to you? Also, many people believe that traveling changes you in unique ways. If our travels this semester have changed you, or changed your way of seeing Pittsburgh, please say something about that.

I had so much fun this semester in travel writing. I don’t know if I could choose one place that seemed more special than the rest, but I loved the City of Asylum tour. Getting to listen about the amazing work the nonprofit does was astounding to me, and I want to volunteer eventually! Pittsburgh was built by hard work and is still run by those with the same work ethic today, and I believe that City of Asylum embodies that message to a “t.”

I feel that traveling this semester did change me. I met new people and became closer with those I already knew! I wish I could take it again next semester and the semester after that–bonding with a group of people and exploring an amazing city I didn’t realize I knew so little about was something I couldn’t get from any other class. Plus, I learned some cool tricks that will help my writing career long after the class is over 🙂

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